Brokerage for Building Owners


Old School Brokerage

Vacancies degrade your property’s bottom line, chances of refinancing and its value.

I provide a focused, energetic and creative resource to fill your vacancy.  How do I fill vacancies ?  I use proven “Old School” strategies of networking and foot canvassing for tenants.

Additionally, I have produced a series of  “Real Estate for Tenants” seminars – many of the attendees ask me to help them find a space.

So you had a bad experience in the past?  I’m not surprised.

The biggest complaint I hear from building owners about brokers is that they have gotten lazy and the landlord can do the same activities and save the commission.  You are right and wrong.  Many brokers have become complacent.  They post a vacancy on a listing service like Co-Star or Loopnet, put up a sign and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring.  WRONG!  What may have been lucky enough to work in an expanding economy won’t work today.

Give me a shot.  The only thing you have to lose is your memory of a poor brokerage experience.

My promise to you: I’ll bust my butt to fill your vacancy.